Escape Realm


Laser Realm is now joined by Escape Realm.

Escape Realm hosts our 3 Escape Rooms; The Bounty Hunters Ship, Who Dunit and The White Room.

Escape Rooms are the latest craze to flood the world.  You are locked in a room with only one thing on your mind; Escape before the clock runs out.

How do you Escape?  By finding the items left hidden around the room, by deciphering the clues around you and solving the puzzles in front of you.

Our Escape Room Tips:

  • Work with your team, you will not Escape if you try to go it alone
  • Communicate constantly with your team, you never know when what you are thinking or doing might help your team mates think of something or solve something.
  • You will need to think in many different ways, sometimes things will be very basic and other times they will be very difficult.
  • Logical thinking will always help you move forward faster.
  • Remember that some items in a room will be there for distraction and will not help you Escape.
  • Bring as many people as you can, the more people the more minds trying to decipher your clues and solve the puzzles.


1-2 People – $35.00pp

3-4 People – $33.00pp

5-6 People – $30.00pp

If you have a group larger than 6 interested in attending we recommend splitting into multiple groups and competing in separate rooms.  We will still give you the discounted rate.