About Us

Michelle & Daniel Baker

Michelle has been in the Laser Tag industry for over 15 years.  Her first steps into the industry were as a Customer Service Attendant working for TimeZone in Geelong.  From the moment she had secured her role within TimeZone, Michelle set to work learning all that she could so as to always be willing and ready to serve any customer at any time.  Michelle spent 8 years in total with TimeZone moving her way up through the ranks to become the store manager.

It was then at this time that Michelle was offered the opportunity to move to Bendigo and manage The Zone Family Entertainment Complex.  Here Michelle had the pleasure of working with more staff and best of all managing more activities.  The Zone activities included Laser Tag, Arcades, Go-Karts, Minigolf, Skating, Paintball, Play Centre and more!

Daniel’s experience of the Laser Tag industry began as a player.  He started at a young age playing Laser Tag at Fun City in Sunshine for friend’s Birthday Parties, as a part of Youth Groups and with friends on weekends.  In 2002 Daniel’s family moved near to Geelong and he started playing Laser Tag at TimeZone in Geelong.  It was here that he was introduced to the Competitive nature of Laser Tag in 2004.  In 2004 Daniel joined in the local League Competitions, then Victorian State Championships and represented Geelong in the Australian National Championships where his team placed 7th out of 19 teams.

While playing Laser Tag at TimeZone in Geelong Daniel met Michelle, and when Michelle was offered her position at The Zone Family Entertainment Centre he too moved to Bendigo and started his working role in the Laser Tag industry.  Michelle and Daniel worked in Bendigo for 5 Years before deciding to open their own Laser Tag business.

In 2009 Michelle and Daniel moved to Werribee and with the help of their new business partners Lee & Paul Kormany they started building their Laser Tag business now known as Laser Realm.

Recent Updates:

Currently Laser Realm has been now running for over 7 years, Daniel has helped start up Laser Realm’s members programs, leagues and competitions.  We also had the joy of hosting the 2011 National Laser Tag Competition which boasted the most players and teams (31) seen thus far for the competition.  On top of pushing our competitive play as far as possible, Michelle and Daniel have endeavored to keep our customer service and facilities at our best.  Laser Realm has seen multiple maze changes to keep players interested and on their toes, and make sure that all players will continue to enjoy our venue.

Most recently Laser Realm as you may have seen has been joined by Escape Realm.  Daniel and Michelle were made aware of the exciting new activity or Escape Rooms and immediately knew it was something that would compliment the Laser Tag already on show.  A lot of hard work has been put in to get the 3 Escape Rooms open, and it is now a well loved activity of the center.

One things is for sure, Daniel and Michelle will definitely continue to make sure that Laser Realm and Escape Realm continue to be at the forefront of entertainment in the Wyndham Area.